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The Company views Environmental, Health & Safety ("EHS") as an integral part of its business planning, development and decision-making processes. PDC understands that responsible EHS performance is important to the success of its business and makes the ongoing efforts the responsibility of every employee. The Company’s EHS culture stresses personal accountability among employees, contractors and others working for PDC or on PDC properties.

In order to promote the knowledge and understanding of the current laws, regulations and standards, PDC Energy has established a series of EHS policies to provide employees with a safe and healthy workplace. The policies were established to promote knowledge and understanding of laws, regulations as well as industry best practices and standards. With this knowledge, employees have the necessary framework within which to maintain a safe and healthy workplace while protecting the environment and its partner communities. In addition to supplying its teams with vital EHS information, the Company engages in continuous improvement by monitoring procedures and controls ensuring high EHS standards.

PDC works cooperatively with various governments, regulatory agencies, communities, industry representatives, customers and suppliers to stay informed of current EHS initiatives, needs and activities. The Company strives to implement other operating best practices. Examples of PDC's efforts include:

  • Use of multi-well pads
  • Use of solar panels on pad sites to remotely monitor and control wells
  • Stormwater management
  • Air emissions management
  • Use of infrared cameras to detect and respond to potential gas leaks
  • Recycling of expired or outdated equipment
  • Wildlife mitigation practices
  • Transporting oil and water via pipelines to minimize trucking
  • Significant training of company personnel in safety and environment topics
  • Development of contractor expectations handbook and expectation training for contractors
  • Employee safety meetings on a regular basis
  • Emergency response training and drills for company personnel
  • 24-hour staffed telephone hotlines for concerned individuals or site emergencies


Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission

PDC Energy’s EHS team was recently recognized by the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission with an “Outstanding Operations Award” for Environmental Protection and Regulatory Compliance.  This award recognized PDC’s outstanding efforts related to extensive upgrades to field operations acquired by the Company in 2012 in the Wattenberg Field. The award was presented to PDC at the Colorado Oil and Gas Association’s annual meeting on August 7, 2013. PDC was one of only five companies receiving the Outstanding Operations Award.

cogcc award 2012

LEED endorsement

PDC's corporate headquarter is located in downtown Denver, Colorado, within the Denver Financial Center. Building operations are aligned with current Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ("LEED") standards; currently the facility recycles over 55% of the building's ongoing consumables and in 2009 was certified as LEED-EBOM Gold.